Mass Effect Andromeda Review

In the year 2007, the gaming community discovered a game that would set them on a path of discovery as Commander Shepard. Over three games, gamers experienced hardships, comradeships, and romances like none before.

They called it one of the greatest series in gaming history.

Now, ten years later, these players embark on a new journey with a new character. Bioware calls it…

Disclaimer: I will try not to include any major spoilers but there are possible minor spoilers, so read with caution.

After six hundred years in cryogenic stasis, you finally awaken in Andromeda only to find your ‘golden world’ is not quite what it seems. With the fate of 10,000 souls on your hands, you must find a home for humanity and your allies before it’s too late.

I cannot rave enough about this game. From the moment you wake up in the game, you are thrown into an emotional roller-coaster ride. It captures the nostlgia of the old series whilst bringing new and exciting content.

The game is MASSIVE! Bioware had previously mentioned the maps would be bigger than the ones in Dragon Age Inquisition, the Hinterlands in particular, but this is quite an understatement.

Though large, the amount of side quests available aren’t what you’d expect from the size. Nonetheless, these quests are more fun than those of Bioware’s previous ‘fetch’ quests. You get the sense that they matter.

However, I have read it’s best to focus on the main storyline in case you miss important information or tutorials required for the sides.

Combat is far more enjoyable than the last titles, as well. I don’t feel like I get the opportunity to actually fight a lot in this game because of the amount of dialouge in the quests. A couple of days ago I spent most of my time talking to NPCs than fighting.

Personally, the facial animations are not a big issue. There are a few scenes where they could have been more expressive but in comparison to the trilogy, they’re pretty good. Bioware is set to fix any facial problems in a later patch.

The only problem I have is the character creation and default look of Alec. Depending on what head you choose to customise your character on, your dad will take after that head. It doesn’t matter if you changed the skin tone of your twins, Alec will always have the skin colour of the head. What’s weird about this is that his eyes will change to the same colour as your character’s, so why doesn’t the skin change, too?

All the main voice acting is incredible, and the characters themselves are well developed and interesting. There’s no professionalism with your companions. The way they act towards each other is similar to Mass Effect 3’s Citadel DLC. Some of the loyalty quests are more personal than others, while ones like Liam’s are simply hilarious to play.

There are some nice throwbacks to the old series, with appearances of relatives from beloved characters. So far, I have not encountered any direct references to Commander Shepard other than a sly comment about the Lazarus project during a side quest on Kaadara. I’m hoping we will hear more content about the sorely missed Commander.

As for bugs, well, I encountered a strange one during Liam’s loyalty quest where half the map disappeared into the galaxy. Some of the furniture and objects remained, as well as the door to the objective, so I presumed it was part of the quest.

It was not, and I proceeded to fall to my death.

Other than that, there hasn’t been any major bugs in my playthrough. However, there have been reported issues on the PC version which have caused the game to break and make it impossible to continue. Hopefully Bioware will fix this in future patches.

Since I’m still slowly working my way through the game, I’m going to rate it 4/5 for now. I highly recommend any fan of the Mass Effect trilogy to play it.

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