It’s Morphin’ Time! with Power Rangers Legacy Wars


What is Power Rangers Legacy Wars? Well, with the release of the Power Rangers Movie upon us, we prepare ourselves for the slew of merchandise and content that will be thrown at us like Rita throwing her staff to make her monster grow. I personally could not be more excited about this as I have been a huge fan of Power Rangers since I was 10, and, now, at 28 the new movie is reawakening my love for those teenagers with attitude and that’s why I decided to hop on board that crazy fandom train and try out the latest game from the Rangers universe, the mobile game Power Rangers: Legacy Wars!

The game, Available on Android and iOS, Starts brilliantly by Zordon telling the player that they have been chosen to follow Rita Repulsa and stop her and her clones from gaining possession of the Zeo Crystal and destroying the world. This however seems to be the last we here of the story as you then take part in a training/Tutorial mission with Alpha, who will show you the ropes of the game i.e. combat, collecting and levelling up, this is where things take a turn for the worse.

Aside from the fact the characters are Power Rangers from different eras and some monsters, there is nothing that will set this apart from other Tap Battle games, below are screen-grabs of the Home Screen and the Mid Battle Scene.


Combat Screen for Power Rangers Legacy Wars Main menu for Power Rangers Legacy Wars

I will say that the game delivers on clear and crisp graphics…but that’s about it. Remember when I said you were chosen by Zordon? Well, that is the only time that is ever mentioned. From the two weeks I have played this, there has been no further mention of anything in the opening cinematic and most of my time has been spent waiting for boxes to open. Each box takes  3 – 8 hours to open but you can speed it up by using the Pink Crystals you get from…you guessed it, opening boxes.

Here’s the catch, you can only have 4 boxes at a maximum and you can only open one at a time, some quick math, 4 boxes at 3 hours each equals 12 HOURS OF WAITING!!!! Now you can still take part in fights during this time but you won’t get any more boxes, and you really do need them as these are where you’ll get the materials to unlock and level up characters, of course you can solve this issues through the in game purchase of crystals for real world money.

The battle system is a let-down as well, aside from the lack of story the battle mode is just a constant strew of PvP battles with no goal other than to defeat your opponent. It’s your basic Rock, Paper, Scissor fighting style, but with the added annoyance of not being able to customize your combat moves and having to wait until your energy recharges so you can actually use the random ones it gives you.

The only redeeming feature is being able to collect the different era rangers and customize your combat team.

However, let’s remember that this is only a mobile game and has only just been released, this could mean that future updates will fix the issues that cause this game to be less Morphenominal and more Rito Revolto, until then…..May the power Protect you!

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