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Who is Persona 5 R’s female character?

Atlus finally divulged more on the elusive Persona 5 R today, with a short teaser trailer. The announcement followed the latest episode of Persona 5 The Animation, and showed a new female character sharing her thoughts on the Phantom Thieves.

The unnamed character thinks that “helping people is a wonderful thing to be able to do”, but states that ultimately she dislikes the Phantom Thieves’ methods of changing people’s hearts, and believes that it is not helping individuals or society as a whole.

Though speculation instantly arose over this character being a female counterpart to Joker, this seems unlikely. Firstly, in terms of appearance she looks nothing like Joker. She has long, red hair and light brown eyes, as opposed to Joker’s messy black hair and dark eyes. Also, she appears to be wearing a first year pin for Shujin Academy, while Joker is a second year student.

Most importantly, her ideals are the complete opposite of Joker’s. While Joker steadfastly believes in the goodness of the Phantom Thieves, and the service they’re providing to society, this new character is against everything they stand for. She does appear to have a strong conviction towards helping others, but it can be assumed that her methods of doing so would be entirely different.

Finally, if she were an alternate main character, she would not be able to react to the Phantom Thieves, as they wouldn’t exist without her leadership. All considered, it seems more likely that she will either be Joker’s rival, akin to Akechi, or perhaps a new Palace owner.

However, although this character is unlikely to be Joker’s female counterpart, a convincing datamine of Super Smash Bros Ultimate files by Dr HyperCake shows that a female alternative of Joker probably exists. The dataminer has apparently leaked game files which refer to “Jane” after referencing Joker’s purported codename of “Jack” and a Maya file related to hair, including the phrase “Jane pony hair”, perhaps referring to a ponytail hairstyle.

Of course, this is all speculation, and should be taken lightly until more official information is released. The next date for more Persona 5 R information is scheduled as April 24th, during the Persona Super Live concert in Japan, which celebrates the upcoming 3DS game – Persona Q2: New Cinema Labryinth.

Until then, the only additional information available is that Persona 5 The Royal is categorised as an RPG by the Persona Channel, so it’s definitely not a fighting or racing game, as some fans previously speculated.

What are your P5R theories? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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